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  1. Entrant must be a BILD Calgary Region Member in good standing. For Renovator Awards, entrant must also be a member of the RenoMark™ program.
  2. Entries submitted must apply to projects, products or services available/viewable within the BILD Calgary Region.
  3. Full payment must be accompanied with submission(s). Acceptable payment methods: MasterCard, Visa and Cheque - made payable to the BILD Calgary Region. Please include all entry fees in one payment.
  4. All materials submitted become the property of the BILD Calgary Region and will not be returned. Refer to our privacy policy online at or contact the BILD Calgary Region office to receive a hard copy.
  5. All entrants agree to allow any information contained in their submission(s) to be exhibited and/or published at the discretion of the BILD Calgary Region.
  6. All entries and judging forms are audited for irregularities and inconsistencies by the accounting firm of MNP LLP.
  7. You will not be notified of missing components.

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